Don Pancho’s Restaurant – Bronx, NY


The Bronx is known for its gems & this is definitely one of them. As appropriate, Don Pancho’s is a location that gleams from its purity. The almost limitless menu & sound track make this a perfect place to grab dinner with your girlfriends (or boo) and let loose. Save the intimate conversation for somewhere else; the music is sure to get you moving and the food is sure to satisfy you all night.

The service was amazing — the waiter made me feed incredibly special. The team set a white tablecloth setting for us. After he set out plates and folded the napkins really fancy, he doubled back to place our napkins over our laps. He was incredibly attentive all night. You can’t be shy here: after a routine pat down for your own safety, you’re best bet of getting a seat is to walk up to the bar and announce yourself. You’ll understand as soon as you side inside and try to get around all the dancing — please keep in mind the staff there is truly working while the patrons are (you guessed it) twerking.

Not only can you get your groove on here, but you can have just about whatever your heart desires. The menu features foods of all types from your simple steak with mashed potatoes to seafood pastas. The food is super flavorful — even the free bread has lots of spices on it & it was great to dip into the marinara sauce that came with the calamari ($12.99). Speaking of the calamari, it was perfectly fried! Well, the circle ones were — i don’t eat the little octopi 🤢even though I’m sure they taste just as good. Tonight, Trav and I opted for pasta. I had penne alfredo ($16) with chicken ($5) & shrimp ($7). Trav has the lobster & shrimp ravioli ($28.99). There is an entire section of Italian food & he knows that’s the way to my heart. You can choose different pastas (penne, linguini, spaghetti) in different sauces (alfredo & vodka) and add things like chicken and shrimp. There are also tons of sides to choose from. Oh! & The drinks are reasonably priced (starting at $9) and strong. I had a Tequila Sunrise but I traded Trav for his Sex on the Beach which was much sweeter.

If you’re looking for a place to eat good and have fun, come on up to The Bronx & let me know what you think of this spot.

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