A Mighty Meal in Midtown – @Mangia_NYC


If you’re ever stuck in NYC and are hungry for more than a hotdog for a reasonable price, head over to Mangia for a full meal. My usual location is on 422 Madison (b/t 48th & 49th) because I worked around the corner and was always looking for a meal that would give me the most for my money.

The menu allows you to put together your dish as you would like it; you pick your meat & sides they practically make it in front of you. First choice, for my is a simple seared salmon ($18) and mashed potatoes with broccoli on the side. My alternate (still a favorite) is the penne al vodka ($13) with chicken ($2.50) and shrimp ($3.50). There are other options on the menu (like brick oven pizza and a full salad bar that’s on serious discount in the evening) for you to choose from.

At this price range, I call it a cheap dinner/early lunch. Not only do they give you a great amount of food, but you get plastic carry out containers that are essential to saving half for lunch the next day. If you go after work, they also serve beer and wine to accompany your meal I think this actually makes it a great place to catch up with friends or for a super casual date… or a place to stop by if you’ve been shopping or touring the city all day. They do close in the earlier side (7pm) so you can plan to finish up & or start your day there with a real fill up. Hope you get a chance to try this place out!


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