@ABQLondon Cocktail Bar – London, UK


While we were in London, I was so happy to get dragged to ABQ London, the cocktail bar. The venue is modeled after the Breaking Bad TV show, with an RV, safety suits. googles and all. Guests are greeted with a free cocktail, then allowed to choose 2 drinks from the menu to make on your own.

To begin, the waitresses were super sweet, which made the experience so much better. The menu includes instructions on how to make your drinks using the chemistry materials provided (dry ice is the best reaction FYI). You are welcome to make your drinks bubble and smoke until they close. They also have vegan pizza — it wasn’t my favorite but there is a homemade hot sauce you can douse it in. 🤷🏽

If you’re in London, ABQ is definitely worth stopping by & checking out. After those 3 drinks, we left there incredibly happy 🍸🍸🍸😁 I’d recommend coming here as a sort of “pre-game” to start your night out, or maybe finish it off.

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