Senator Kamala Harris

This Oakland, California native is running for United Stated President in 2020 in hopes to create an America “where leaders lead with decency… and always fight on the side of the people.” Kamala Harris, a Howard University graduate, has officially begun her campaign for office and her platform seems to be very clear — and somewhat controversial.

Kamala Harris has passionate views on a variety of topics. When it comes to criminal justice, she believes the government should be “not tough on crime nor soft on crime, rather smart of crime.” She believes that any work done for inner city communities needs to be proactive and preventative. “If you’re dealing with it in the emergency room or he prison, it’s too late,” she expressed. She is the founder of a program called “Back on Track” which provides help in jobs, parenting, housing for people 18-23, which set precedent for her determination. She also wants to help police by providing “training around bias” and deescalation tactics to “use of force not as a first option.” She also wants smarter gun safety laws, which I would be interested in hearing more detail about.

“The ‘War on Drugs’ was a failed war. It was misdirected,” she explained. Kamala Harris champions the decriminalization of marijuana. In her opinion, marijuana use is a public health matter, not criminal justice issue. Her comments on The Breakfast Club (video below) garnered her plenty publicity and opposition when she discussed her use of marijuana in college and her distaste for how government has sanctioned marijuana offenses. I personally loved that she listened to Too $hort — it really just made her be a real person for me.

I’m interested in hearing more of what Kamala intends to do for our country. I’ve heard too many times that a Black Woman won’t be President but if I were going to vote for one (who isn’t Michelle Obama), this lady’s got the credentials. I think it’s important for each of us to research candidates on our own and understand who will fight for your issues best. I’ve added a few videos below. Can’t wait until this race gets started!


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