Easy Italian @Vapianos

This is one of my favorite places to get together with the girls for a mid-week dinner. The Vapiano’s chefs cook up your pasta dreams right in front of you. Just pick your pasta, sauce and meats & be sure to pick a seat. The open seating makes for a relaxed vibe over a serious pasta dish.

This restaurant is large-group friendly — each person gets a card that is basically “charged” with whatever you order. At the end of your meal, the cashier swipes your card and finds out your total. I love this idea because I truly hate splitting the bill. This makes is a great place to invite friends who like to forget what they ordered by the time the check arrives.

The price also isn’t bad for Italian [fast]food. The food is flavorful and they certainly give you enough — I took half of mine home and was able to have a light lunch the next day. My girlfriends know I love an affordable place that gives you tons of food — and serves alcohol.

Have you tried Vapiano’s? Drop a comment and let me know your thoughts below!

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