‘Towers” by @VannahOshun



Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 12.59.04 AM.png

image Via @VannahOshun on Instagram


Had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Vannah Oshun at a Women’s History Month event held by ArticulateNYC. While I was there to perform a set of my own, hearing “Towers” (and meeting Vannah) was certainly one of the loveliest moments of the evening.

This soulful song is sure to put you in the grooviest of moods. Laden with heartbreak, the song still somehow feels a bit upbeat. “Here’s something that you should know… you’re the one to blame,” is released as a beautiful exhale. “Told me I was insecure, but you’re the one who fronted more,” she continues on to show that while she might be in a fucked up place, she is not broken. I love that this song has “I’m too good for this vibes” as opposed to ‘I wanna sit here an cry.’

“You as just a dub, but I showed you love…” You better speak on it, Queen. S/O to you, Vannah. This joint is beautiful


image Via  @VannahOshun  on Instagram

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