Kick-Ass Cardio Class with @305Fitness


My job gave us a promo code for a free class at 305 Fitness . I convince Nay, who is my co-worker, but we tried to convince the whole crew. They offer a “BRING A FREIND FREE” option because working out with a homegirl really is much funner. You can also offer to split your homie’s bill for shared, affordable class 😉

305 Fitness ’ set up is super cute; there is pink everything everywhere and plenty of gear. There’s a selfie machine to take pictures while you wait for your class to begin. The class was super high intensity, there was a live DJ and a really chill (& very pretty) instructor leading the group. That’s not really a side note — the instructor was totally someone I would hang out with and that made the workout that much better for me. She talked about pizza, it was nice 🙂 Most of the time, we were doing dance moves like no one was watching. There was even a session where we had to pretend we were at a dance party. There was a cute lil session with weights – with multiple sizes so you can choose your intensity level there.

Overall, I had a really great time and will totally be back around. I left there completely sore, which is what I like. Since I don’t work out often I like high energy activities that get the job done for me but are actually enjoyable. 305 Fitness was definitely that. Watch my youtube below video for more!

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