Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci (1503-1506)


I finally made it to the Mona Lisa; she has her own room at the Louvre Museum. As you enter, all signs will lead you to the Mona Lisa & the experience is more shocking than the painting itself. The painting is actually in a huge hallway/corridor which connects two rooms in the palace. There is a makeshift wall surrounded by velvet rope hoisting the Mona Lisa into view. 

You’re not allowed close to her & you aren’t even allowed to use a selfie stick 🤳🏾 it’s amazing how many people crowd into that room. Still, there certainly something about having her peering over your shoulder that is quite comforting. This is the most expensive, most visited painting in the world… but we know so little about Lisa, the woman. We only care about Lisa, the muse.

Maybe she looks approachable?She’s not the highlighted & contoured beauty of today that makes everyone else doubt themselves when they walk in the room. Is she an example of humility? The imaginary illustration of it? Was she ever beautiful? Enough to have been Leonardo da Vinci’s muse. Finally seeing Mona Lisa made me appreciate women; regardless of who she was, what an honor it is to be admired. We, women, have come so far.

I don’t know much about da Vinci, but this painting certainly made me want to know his story. 📚 💕 Have you seen the Mona Lisa? If so, what did you think? If not, do you want to? (I also felt like #PutSomeBlackGirlsInTheMOMA) Have some Picasso knowledge or recommendations? Drop them in the comments! 

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