The Cuban Sandwich @Versialles

I was so excited to drop in at Versailles!! I had an overnight layover in Miami and if I did anything it was going to be to get a Cuban Sandwich. Versailles is 10-12 minute ride from the Miami International Airport. It’s open until 1am most nights (2:30am on Friday and Saturday) so you have a pretty great chance of getting a sandwich, should you really want one.

This place is incredibly Cuban, as preferred 🙂 At night, there is a crowd of people outside, ordering through the window. With Miami’s warm weather, the night always feels young. The patrons order cup after cup of strong, tasty coffee in the middle of the night like liquor (and it’s actually a Cuban expresso). I asked for extra milk in mine & it came to $1.50 plus a 50 cent tip. The venue itself is huge with multiple dining rooms connected by hallways. The takeout location is separate from the restaurant, making it easy to order, but they also have a separate bakery and ice cream parlor!

The sandwich itself was super tasty; next time I’m just going to ask that they toast it a bit more 😉 The tostones (fried plantains) were perfect. There are about 4 large tostones (with a customary garlic dipping sauce which fill you up well. Best of all is how affordable the prices are; the sandwich was $6.50 and the tostones $2.50. You can check out the menu for the all prices.

Have you eaten at Versailles? What did you think? Drop a comment below!


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