Sancho’s Tacos in #CostaRica

3 Taco Mexican Plate - $4950 CRC/ $8.50 USD3 Taco Mexican Plate - $4950 CRC/ $8.50 USD

3 Taco Mexican Plate – $4950 CRC/ $8.50 USD

Our fist meal in Costa Rica was at Sancho’s Tacos 🌮 💕 Crowded around a table perfect for roasting in a large group, we decided on platefuls of tacos — and it was so good we ordered delivery on our last night!

I don’t typically order fish tacos, but they were amazing. I decided I like the Mexican taco better than the regular fish taco… I think 🤔 you might have to try for yourself 🤣 I tried to order seafood whenever I could because Costa Rica, true to its name, is surrounded by water. The 3 tacos plate was a perfect choice for me, because I was able to taste variety. Just about everything came with rice & beans, so I was practically in heaven. Most of the other girls had tacos as well, but we have some enchilada lovers in the gang 🤷🏽‍♀️ We washed it all down with a flavored margaritas (I went with blackberry) and a round of shots on the house ☺️

The prices were reasonable, but pretty equivalent to an American price, once converted. You can pay at Sancho’s Tacos in American cash or card 😉

Have you been to Sancho’s? Love a good fish taco? Drop a comment or leave some love below 🤗

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