Fashion Trends at the #2019Oscars

Angela Basset in Reem AcraAngela Basset in Reem Acra

Angela Basset in Reem Acra

The Oscars come right in the middle of fashion week, so it’s a fabulous place to see trends right off the runway. My favorite looks of the night were pretty, frilly & glittery. This year’s Oscar were all about pinks, bold construction and (of course) shinin’ baby 💎

The grandest trend of the night, & easiest to spot,  was PINK!! I love the femininity coming back into fashion! 💕💕

There’s nothing like brilliant architecticture to steal the show. There a ton of one-shoulder dresses, fearless ruffles and beautiful executions of bows 🎀 Here are a few of my favorites: 

My favorite category is what I like to call “Glitz & Glam” for the most elegant choices. 

 The accessory of the night was hanging around Lady Gaga’s neck; the Tiffany Diamond 💎  Weighing in at +128 carats (or $30 million), this baby was the best part of her outfit.  

What was your favorite Oscar look? Is there a trend you’re looking forward to taking on this year? Can you rock that pink 👀💕 

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