Reform to the #Protecta LifeAct Cuts Funding for #PlannedParenthood

Image Via  Planned Parenthood

Image Via Planned Parenthood

With the recent reform to the 1970s Protect a Life Act, Planned parenthood can no longer provide nor refer patients for abortion services. While this is a huge win for conservatives concerned with monitoring & controlling the lives of others, this is a detriment to anyone looking for that kind of help. With this new legislation, we can ensure the poor keep getting poorer.

Teenage pregnancy, in my opinion, can distract young people from fully developing their personal selves, forcing them to be adults before they’ve had the training and experience needed to mature properly. Although we might say “if you’re grown enough to lie down with someone, you’re grown enough to raise a child,” but I don’t think that’s true. Sex takes no maturity, whatsoever. The ability to have sex, does not equate with the ability to raise a child. Mistakes happen, especially in our teenage years & it’s a person’s right to make adjustments in their own lives. I don’t think abortion should be used as a birth control but sometimes… it is the best option. We don’t always prepare ourselves like we should. Sometimes, we challenge nature & test how far we, humans, can go before what happens happens. Mistakes & miracles happen very much the same way & both have a particular amount of pain attached. I understand the guilt that comes from “killing” an unborn child, but how does that compare with being raised by an unprepared parent? Stress kills.

Groups have been trying to cut funding to Planned Parenthood for some time now, and it’s finally happened. I fear & worry for the women who will no longer have this option available. Will they be forced to take their children to full term now? Shall we continue to overload the foster system? Or will we start finding bodies in back allies?

This only affects poor people. Those with enough money can still go to their private doctors and have private abortions. Apparently, people want to make sure tax money isn’t being used for this. So if you are poor, and in need of this kind of help… there is no more help to be (legally) given.

What do you think of this new legislation?

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