2019 Grammys and the Drama that Followed

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After a momentous night at the Grammy’s, both Nicki & Cardi fell into a whirlwind of drama. Cardi walked away with rap album of the year and the internet, apparently, went wild. 

A (former) employee at BET tweeted that Nicki was getting “dragged by her lace front” because of the Cardi win… Nicki then went on a 7+ hour tirade against BET causing them to fire the girl that tweeted the disastrous xxx characters. The company also released a public apology since Nicki seemed to intend to have her Barbz boycott BET. Honestly… I understand her “hurt” but I do think she went a lil overboard. I cant day I would have reacted differently, but as someone who isn’t a celebrity… I can see how it sucks that the mistake of one person can affect the livelihood of an entire company 🤔Nicki wanted to shut down an entire company off being hurt by one tweet 😳 

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Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 3.52.18 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-02-13 at 3.52.18 PM.png

Meanwhile, no one really knows what made Cardi B so upset, but she was tuned into something that prompted her to release a video and delete her instagram immediately after. My first memoria of a Cardi is on IG, so I’m actually shocked. I wonder if Cardi was upset by the Nicki drama at all. She mentioned that she isn’t in the sport of “tearing people down to lift someone else up” & I wonder who could have said what to make her so upset. Was it really all this one tweet? 


Stepping out of their celeb shadows, I think it’s important to remember to spend less time focusing on the negative comments & more on the positive. I, too, am guilty of giving way too much of my energy to negative vibes. It’s sad that Nicki was so offended… she’s honestly lucky to be mentioned. Anyone who isn’t on the radio/TV yet knows that all publicity is good publicity 🤷🏽‍♀️ also sad that Cardi’s big win wasn’t enough for her to block out the hate while remaining connected. I sometimes think that the people who “don’t care what anyone thinks” happen to care the most… 

And the industry 🙄 …. sometimes they play with celebrities like they aren’t actual humans; artists have volatile feelings. You can’t expect everyone to be above anything. It’s also just not fair to expect celebrities to get “used to” being bullied by the public. But bullying of NO KIND, is acceptable. My “inside source” is worried about his job if the BET awards really do underperform. These are people’s lives y’all.

What do you think? Was Nicki justified or out of pocket? What is Cardi’s deal, for real? Do you accept BET’s apology?

Leave some comments 🤗🤗 these are just my thoughts, I wanna hear yours!!

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