My Individual Lash Extensions by @TouchedbyRocsay


Got my first set of lash extensions done by @TouchedByRocsay it was the best decision I could have made. I didn’t want to wear make up in the jungle/beach/heat, but I still wanted to be pretty! As I had correctly guessed, we spent most of our time taking pictures & I needed to make sure I loved them. I used a bit of cover up, but I really could have left all my make up at home!

You can choose natural, flirty or dramatic lashes, but I went with flirty. My natural lashes are already fairly long, but I wanted them fuller and to… go out more on the sides 🤷🏽‍♀️ dumb as it sounds, I wanted lashes to make me look like the natural Snapchat filter 💁🏽‍♀️🤣 I wanted noticeable, but not fake. Sometimes, how you look is about how you feel & I wanted to feel girly… flirty & @TouchedByRocsaymade my lash goals come true.

My lashes lasted a really tough 2 weeks. The first day (& during installation), I had issues with my eyes watering, so I lost tons of lashes & it was all my fault. Then, I went on vacation with my girlfriends & went zip-lining, snorkeling & jet skiing 🤷🏽‍♀️ here are some of my tips/lessons-learned to make your lashes last as long as possible. 

  1. Take allergy medicine 💊  If you have seasonal allergies, you’ll want to pop a pill before you get in the chair. During my session, one eye started watering like crazy 👁 💦 It would pause but it got REALLY bad later on; I googled a bit and found that I might be allergic to the glue. It’s nothing serious! It’s just a foreign residue in your eye and some of us are more sensitive. If the pill doesn’t work for you tho… you gotta call somebody 👀 I’m no doctor. 

  2. Try not to wet your eyes for 24 hours. That means, don’t wash your face & don’t cry. I recommend getting makeup/face wipes or using and astringent on a cotton pad or cloth. Also, stay away from drama! No tears! 😢 

  3. Brush your lashes! Throughout the day/night, your individual lashes may shift. Especially after swimming or a shower 🙄🚿  @TouchedByRocsay gave me a brush as a gift which is small enough to keep in my purse or pocket. I wasn’t as good about brushing as I wish I would have been; I’ll be carrying that little brush with me everywhere from now on! 

Hope these tips help you! & Book a session with @touchedbyrocsay if you’re in the neighborhood 💕

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