Elephant in the Room by @iamJoshDWH


Written by PresidentELLA

The homie, Josh DWH (Dream.Work.Hustle), dropped Elephant in the Room, and the entire project is fire. Josh DWH has been an introspective artist since I’ve met him; he’s guaranteed to make you reflect and question life on almost every track.

Having vibed with Josh DWH closely in the past, I feel I can say this project is genuinely him. This man has been hustling for a while, making moves and connects as needed. He’s a strong, vibrant spirit you demands recognition, only because he gives it. In a room full of vibes, Josh DWH is the one trying to understand all of them and get in everyone’s heads. I watched a bit of the release party via his IG live where he explained feeling like’s he’s always the “elephant in the room”; either people feel some sort of way about him or are trying to figure it out.

Only because I “think” I “know” Josh DWH a little bit, I listen to his music an reflect on him as a person. He’s a total supporter of his friends and requires them to support him in return. My favorite track on the record is “Roll Up” featuring Draf and I’m incredibly bias because I know Draf. I simply love seeing brothas grow together and work with each other. As I listen, I hear friendship over the business and it’s refreshing to know the real is in there.

I encourage you to listen to Josh’s album, he’s sure to impress you. Definitely something to vibe to.

Nice job ,Josh. Thanks for the music.

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