“Stay Loyal To The Vision” and more #WordsofWisdom from @TrentShelton


Written by Brittany Shawnté

Trent Shelton is literally my mood for the rest of LIFE. Hopefully, it motivates you guys too. In this video, Trent emphasizes the importance of staying loyal to your vision every single day. Obviously, the new year is a time of new beginnings and a moment to hit refresh. But what about when February hits? Shoot, even a day after January 1st, as I work on some stuff, my body is saying go back to sleep. ONE DAY AFTER. But I push forward because I made a commitment to God and myself to be obedient to the vision. To do what I said I was going to do even after the mood I said it in has left. Even when days are rough. Even when I’d rather chill.

Your vision is what needs to keep you going. What do you want your life to be like? Where do you want to be this time next year? What do you want for your future? Whatever your goals are, it takes showing up and showing out every day. It takes discipline and consistency. It takes getting up and moving even when it’s hard to. Even when you went to a lit concert last night and your body is feeling it this morning (….personal moment). Be loyal to the vision. Be loyal to yourself and your purpose.

Watch Trent’s wise words below!

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