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Written by ELLA

From the storyline to the filming, it’s evident that this series was as carefully put together as the fictional plot. Julia Roberts plays a rookie therapist, Heidi Bergman, working in a new program with military veterans. She (and the soldiers) think the purpose of the program is to help “cure” PTSD… but they’re not privy to the truth… yet.

Stephan James plays Walter Cruz, a veteran going through the Homecoming program and he plays the role phenomenally. Walter’s friend, Joseph Shrier is played by Jeremy Allen White (whom I fell in love with in his performance in Shameless). Just like these characters, you are left to figure out WTF is going on at Homecoming. When we meet Heidi, she’s working as a waitress and has no recollection her past. Shea Whigham plays Thomas Carrasco, a Department of Defense auditor, investing a claim Walter’s mom had made. His inquiries cause Heidi to wake up and figure out what happened to her.

Definitely a suspenseful tale! The episodes are about 40 minutes each, so the series flies by. Some of the most interesting parts are simply the way the camera moves… or doesn’t. The end of many episodes are drown out, quiet scenes, as if to make a statement. There are clues dropped in throughout the series that you can see by the characters can’t, giving you a powerful POV for the show. I’m hoping there’s a follow up because the last scene felt a bit open ended… but maybe this was the right way to end it…

Watch and let me know what you think!! Love it? Hate it? Would you watch another season?

Image Via  Cheat SheetImage Via  Cheat Sheet

Image Via Cheat Sheet


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