Pop Up Shop w/ @FoodInspirationTravel


Written by ELLA

What better way to walk through a gallery than with a fresh-brewed coffee in hand? The founders of @FoodInspirationTravel ( Sarah and Monty) hosted a pop up to showcase the captivating pictures of their travels and inspired a room full of people to consider conquering the world.

While serving coffee they source themselves, from Jamaica, Sarah and Monty greeted guests and guided them through the gallery tours as needed. The photographs beckoned one’s attention from the white drapery they were hung on; the brilliant colors of the places they traveled. Most guests found themselves pleasantly entertained by the Sydney’s Sweets cupcakes while they lingered over the photos or sat for conversation to finish their coffee.

It’s inspiring to watch people bring something they love (and business at that) back to wherever they grew up. Sarah and Alex grew up in the Queens neighborhood where the pop up was held and it was heartwarming to watch them hug it out. Selfishly, I’m alway eager to rub shoulders with passionate, driven women of color. But then again… women of all kind… and the success of all people!! @FoodInspirationTravel had quite the turn out; it was a packed house! To pile on the motivation, Sarah and Monty gifted each person a passport holder! I’ll be putting my to use ASAP 🙂

They had each person fill out a survey as to the places you wanted to travel… I haven’t been the Europe yet, so you an only imagine how long my travel list is. Where is your favorite place to vacation? Where do you want to travel to next?


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