The Warwick Rittenhouse Hotel – Philadelphia, PA


Written by ELLA

Spent a night at the Warwick Rittenhouse Hotel and it had the cutest, eclectic decor; a perfect mix of classic and modern. Everywhere you look there are punches of patterns and colors to keep you engaged. The lighting and chrome finishes are perfect — the chandelier in the main entrance is everything. Located in a lively section of Philly, this hotel is a short walk from whatever you might need.

The hotel itself is beautiful. The actual room was a bit small but the decor utilized the space phenomenally. The wallpaper in the bathroom truly livened up the space; the bathroom was my favorite part! We were only there for a night; we were supposed to be staying at the Sheraton, but they over booked rooms. Warwick Rittenhouse Hotel was incredibly accommodating. There’s valet and they’re super kind if you happen to forget something in the car. If you happen to get a ticket outside the hotel, they’ll cover it for you! But… if you think you got a ticket outside, but really it was when you went to get a cheesesteak… you’ll have to pay that yourself.

What’s you favorite place to stay in Philly?


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