Associate Justice of the United States – Ruth Bader Ginsberg


I’d like to acknowledge real life super hero, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She is one of the 9 Associate Justices of the United States of America — one of the 9 people in our country tasked with making sure our laws are in line — and has become a social icon over time, due to her relentless fight for equality. The Notorious RBG, as she has been dubbed by her fans and recreated on SNL, was part of the first Harvard Law class to accept women. In 1956, the Brooklyn native was one of 9 women (in a class of ~500) who faced the world paved the path for women in business and politics.

Although the odds have always been stacked against RGB, It is impossible to silence her. She exemplifies dignity, honor and strength. As her years go on, she’s become a target for conservatives in hope to replace her on the bench. My hope is she’s holding out for someone she thinks is worthy to show face, before stepping down. She’s surely not giving up. For me, she is a encouragement and inspiration to do your job well, and do it until it’s done.

Ruth’s strongest supporter was her husband, Martin “Marty” Ginsberg. He graduated from Harvard before she did, so she followed him to New York when he got a job. She transferred to Columbia Law School but, unlike her husband, could not find a job! Male friends of hers would even try to pitch on her behalf, but as soon as people found out the “candidate” in question was a women, they expressed how they did not hire women. Ruth ended up as a college professor, where she engaged her student enough for them to begin asking for specialize courses, such as “Women in Politics”. Imagine having been one of the first to teach this topic? It speaks volumes that Ruth was asked to teach these classes. With the lessons learned in her own life (like being one the few women college professors and being paid less than the men because she had a successful husband), accompanied by the encouragement of her students, Ruth started down the path toward a fight for women’s equality, which has defined her since.

Ruth is a woman of action. She co-founded the “Women’s Rights Project” in 1972 where she fought cases against gender discrimination. Between 1973 and 1976, Ruth fought 6 cases and won 5. In 1973, after Frontiero v. Richardson, women in the military would be paid the same as men. She did not only fight for women’s rights, she fought for equal rights. Prior to 1975’s Weinberger v. Wiesenfeld, men could not collect social security benefits when their wives pass. With her calm and composed demeanor, Ruth was able to form arguments and deem herself a true trailblazer.

In 1993, Ruth was named Supreme Court Justice by Bill Clinton and became the 2nd woman to serve in this position. Since taking office, she has been known to speak her mind when needed and dissents when necessary. Most recently, she was criticized for criticizing Trump.


“He is a faker… He has no consistency about him. He says whatever comes into his head at the moment. He really has an ego. … How has he gotten away with not turning over his tax returns? The press seems to be very gentle with him on that.” – CNN

Although she is human, she’s not supposed to share her “opinion”. People believe that she is going to purposely vote against anything having to do with Trump, but I think we all know she’s smarter than that. Ruth believes that her purpose is to uphold the law for the best outcome for all people. Sometimes, she is conservation, sometimes, she is liberal. She has always been more liberal than conservative, but she is known to take the side of the underdog. If she feels like there is a voice not being listened to, she is the one to listen. She will make waves where ever she needs to; even when it comes to wardrobe. Typical robes were made for men, with a place for a tie. She and Sanda Day O’Connor fashioned collars that were more fit for their feminine style.

Marty seems to have been amazing to Ruth; they relationship is goal, y’all. This odd couple balanced each other out. While Ruth is quiet and reserved, her husband was lively and funny. She didn’t cook, he did. It’s admirable that he championed for her success in a time where most men did not believe in the equality of genders. He allowed her to be who she was and loved her for it. Those close to her express that’s she’s not one for small talk. I admire her ability to make the most of time. Her family and co-workers also tell stories about how she has to be brought home from the office by her husband.

The Notorious RBG has given her life for this country. She has dedicated countless hours away from her family and friends trying to make sure that our civil liberties are safe. Ruth feel asleep on camera so people are questioning if she’s fit for the role. She’s an elder, that doesn’t mean her sense is gone, that means she gets tired easier than she used to. I admire what Ruth has given and gives still each day for us and inspires me to live a full life with the freedoms that have been fought for before I even got here… I also want to start paying closer attention to who exactly is in office. The Associate Justice is a lifelong tenure. The people in this position get to make decisions about our laws until the day they die. It’s not only on us to vote in secret, but also to share information. It’s one thing to be “woke”, it’s another to be informed. I learned about RBG through the SNL skit after she fell in her office, broke her ribs and went back to work like it was nothing. I admire strength. I admire leaders. Ruth is a leader.



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