“Who Moved my Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson


Written by President ELLA

This short read will change the way you move. If you’re looking for a quick, motivational read that won’t bore you to death or weigh down your bag, this is the one for you. Through a fictional tale, you learn how your action affect your outcome.

The story explains how 2 mice and 2 little people trapped in a maze, make their way to cheese (everything they’ve ever wished for). In true story-like form, we hear the thoughts of the little people and how they react when they have no cheese, when they find cheese and even when they lose cheese. The whole time, the reader is forced to decide what “cheese” means to you & how you would react in that situation in similar situations.

Ultimately, the lessons are meant to make you “get up get out and get something.” The best and worst part about this book is how it’s written like a child’s story. It’s super easy to read so it was easy for me to get distracted and forget to “read into” the story. But there are tons of metaphors galore for those looking for something to tweet!

Bought my copy on Amazon. Pick up a copy!

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