Mercury in Retrograde

Written by President ELLA

Mercury has many meanings, and when the planet decides to retrograde its energy is bound to affect us all. While it is the smallest planet in our solar system, it has a lot of confusing energy which, if you pay close attention, can affect your everyday interactions.

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, but not the hottest (Venus is!). Since it’s so close to the sun, the “years” on Mercury are shorter; it only take 88 Earth days for it to make a full revolution around the sun! But, the planet itself moves slow, so 1 day on Mercury is equal to 59 Earth days and there is 1 sunset every 180 Earth days.

In Greek mythology, Mercury is the god of “travel, literature, poetry, merchants and thieves”. The Romans called him “Hermes” and he was a top-notch messenger, but also very conniving. Through the centuries, Mercury has kept that same energy. During retrograde (for 3 weeks, 3-4 times a year), you’ll be given the opportunity (or forced) to slow down and take a good look at the decisions/messages you have made or are making.

Here’s how Mercury will try to push your buttons, depending on your sign:

  1. AQUARIUS – You’re great with friends, but not right now. It might not be your fault, but your friendships will be tested! Surround yourself with your best best friends who will love you at your worst.

  2. PISCES – Reality will come bite you in the a$$, but keep on moving! This is when you’ll be tested to see how much you really believe in dreams. Find creative solutions for the tasks holding you down.

  3. ARIES – Things will move slower than you need them to, but have patience. Slow down and take a look at what’s really going on around you. Use this time to deep dive.

  4. TAURUS – You tend to move in a slow and steady pace and this is the time to be even more cautious. Your intuition is keen, but take you time with major decisions and money matters.

  5. GEMINI – Mixed and missed signals is all your going to get at this time. Whatever you’re used to will inevitably change. Don’t get through off by how much or how little someone reaches out, just make the moments worth it. Reconnect with old friends, new conversations might do well.

  6. CANCER Time to take care of home! You might start nit-picking at yourself, but just take this opportunity to perfect those projects you’ve been thinking about getting back to.

  7. LEO – Take a step back from yourself from a second. Take a moment to triple check any major decisions you’re making. Use this time to test out your ideas, projects or investments with others to see how they work out, before implementing in your own life. Help yourself by helping others!

  8. VIRGO – You can’t control everything, only yourself. You might not get the vibes or energy you want from the outside world, so create it for yourself. Do your part to the best of your ability, and you’ll be ahead when the stars realign.

  9. LIBRA – You’re perfect just the way you are. Internal backslides are the most difficult to deal with but (please, believe me!!) we all go through it. You don’t need to purchase or change anything. Take some time to sit with an appreciate yourself by doing something you love. If you try on something, put on a smile 😉

  10. SCORPIO – Passion is just about all you’ve got, keep it in check! Take your time with emotional endeavors, your heart might be making the calls without checking in with your mind. If you take a moment to remember Mercury is moving you backwards, you can take advantage of that time to breathe and cool down.

  11. SAGITTARIUS – No one can hold you back, but there are some obstacles you simply won’t be able to avoid. Expect delays, even if you have to plan for them. Give yourself enough time to reset and replan should things fall apart. There is no promise things will go smooth, but I promise you’ll make it though 😉

  12. CAPRICORN – Choose pleasure whenever possible. We all deserve a break, but we also need to avoid risky investments. If dealings seem unclear or difficult, don’t be ashamed to back out. We should only do and go where we feel comfortable. Consider vacation with friends or bae — or staycation with family.. or bae

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