THE Late Night Philly Cheesesteak Spot: #Ishkabibbles


Written by PresidentELLA

I love me a cheeasesteak, so I’ve decided to put them all to the test. The first contender is Ishkabibble’s; the standard late night joint on South St if you’ve ever been to Philly with anyone from Philly. I promise you’ I’ve been brought here by multiple friends on the late night! Make because it’s affordable. Maybe because it’s comfortable. Maybe because it’s definitely an after hours spot on the weekends & you can play the let out there, if you want to. But either way, the sandwich is good.

Unfortunately for these pictures, I only like STEAK and CHEESE in my cheesesteak (and a lil bit of mayo). I don’t like too much filler, so that I can actually taste the steak. This hero does it’s job; it’s packed to the brim with meat and enough cheese to actually taste as well. It started to cool down by the time I got back to the hotel (and found out I had gotten a ticket outside the place — Friendly reminder to pay the meter. smh) The shoe string fries were perfect to top off the meal & put me right to sleep. I didn’t get a Gremlin (famous grape and lemonade drink) so I guess I’ll have to go back 😉

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