An Afternoon at the @PhilaMuseum


Written by President ELLA

He had to work, so I made sure to plan something I wanted to do (that he would like as well). The Rocky movie history makes the Philadelphia Museum of Art is cool upon arrival. If you’re with it, you can wait in line to take a picture with Rocky — obviously we weren’t with it. But we did get pictures on the famous stairs he ran up. This is a great place for a photo op, date or just an afternoon when you have a few hours to to wander.

As expected in the “city of brotherly love” a guy offered to take our pictures for a tip. The backdrop is beautiful and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier with a $5 purchase. The museum costs $20, but the tickets are good for 2 days. If you order on the museum’s website, you can save $2. If you click her and use my Groupon code you can save a few bucks, too 😉

We went on a Sunday around 2, and it was perfect timing. We found a parking space by a meter, on the ride up. (I love that you can pay the meter on your phone!) We had lunch in the cafeteria and it was surprisingly really good! We even got extra fries 😉 They have everything you could want from pizza to coffee. There’s also a nicer restaurant, if you have time.

We only spent about 2-2.5 hours total. We paid for 3 hours of parking (about $8) and had time left on the meter when we got back! We saw an exhibit on fashion, an exhibit on fighting armor, a few paintings by Monet and Van Gough and a sculpture by Degas. Check out the ART SECTION of the site for more art!

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