“Ella Mai” by @EllaMai

Ella Mai 2.jpgElla Mai 2.jpg

Written by President ELLA

I’ve been waiting for a full (new) project from Ms. Ella Mai. Apparently, she’s been working on this self-titled album and compiling her work just for people like me 🙂 The 16 song project is certainly worth the listen; even the mediocre song are really good because her voice is simply that serene.

Although “Trip” plays on the radio every 20 minutes, my favorite tracks on the album are “Good Bad” and “Shot Clock”. I also can’t get “Sauce” out of my head. Most the songs seem to have content speaking to a girl already in a relationship. Honestly, its a breath of fresh air since we’ve entered the era of Sza and the side chick. (It’s not that I don’t like Sza, it’s that I , personally, can’t sing along to much of the content. Ella Man gives us her ratchet side on “whatchamacallit” with Chris Brown, but I also don’t really listen to that song the whole way through either. The other mazing feature is John Legen on “Everything”, which is a beautiful song. On “Gut Feeling”, Ella features her sis, H.E.R — whom gives me very much the same vibe so I’m happy to see that they rock with each other and cat put a great track together.

I’ll have this in my rotation for a bit. Check it out below or wherever you listen to your music 😉

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