July 23 – August 22

Generous | Passionate | Expressive 

You are a sight to behold; a power to be revered. When you feel you really feel. You’re practically allergic to mediocrity. Everyone knows that you get the job done and share the spoils. You are a provider by nature. You stand your ground and have no fear of the fight; everyone on your team is not only lucky, but grateful to be there. 

You can come off as…

Dramatic | Opinionated | Arrogant

There can never be enough praise for a job well done.. so you’ve got to be ready to get less than you expect. While people need a leader, they don’t want to feel like they do. People want to feel like they’ve figured the world out on their own, even if they haven’t. Because You’ve got to guide them other ways than giving orders. Lead by example. People respect your opinions, and they will respect you so much more if you respect them. 

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