It’s Always Time for @EmpanadaMamaNYC


Written by PresidentELLA

If everything should fail, there’s Empanada Mama. If it all goes rights,there’s Empanada Mama. No matter when or how the party stops, there’s Empanada Mama! I think I fell in love with my new group of friends when Empanada Mama became the “right” way to end the night. This place is open 24/7 and no matter if you need a table for 2 or 10, they’ll happily accommodate you. I’ve waited about 30 minutes for a table so expect to wait if you’re coming after the party. The empanadas come out fast though, so no need to worry!

My favorites are Reggeaton (rice, beans & peril) and Viagra (shrimp). I’ve learned to make sure I grab myself some to-go. These are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner! I can eat about 4 after the party and get full for a sec, because they’re all well stuffed and filling. 2 empanadas was good for breakfast but I definitely ended up wanting more! Empanada Mama also has real food and a full bar, if that’s your wave but that’s not what I order, ya mean? 😉 They have two locations (95 Allen Street in LES and 795 9th Ave in Hells Kitchen) and also deliver to certain areas 😉

Enjoy & See you around!



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