Back to Black #Midi Dress by @JayGodfreyNYC


Written by PresidentELLA

Can I be sexy in the winter, please?!?! I served this look at work as the weather began to change. Generally speaking, I love the idea of layering, but I love a great dress that I can wear out during the winter months. This Jay Godfrey midi dress tightens up everything God gave me while still allowing me room to breathe.

The exposed shoulders add a total sexy feel while the ruffles along the edge provide a dainty feel to keep it all balanced. This same balance is achieved with the long slit; the dress is definitely long enough to wear to work and can easily transition to happy hour. The combination of length and cutouts lended to my choice to wear this to the office; it was super comfortable for where the temperature differs from one conference room to the next. This is great for when you’re in situations with uneven climates — for example, if you go out to dinner and you’re seated by the door where a draft comes in. You wouldn’t want to wear your jacket… you’d want something comfortable enough to hold it down!

I love dresses in this hourglass silhouette because it forces the curvy shape on me. Since I’m not super curvy up top, I also appreciate a dress with a lot of coverage in the cleavage area. This would probably look super covered up on a girl who is heavy up top, but for me, it makes me look just right (in my opinion, lol) . Head over to Rent the Runway (click here to use my code & get $30 OFF) and rent it for the time of your choice!

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