February 19 – March 20

Compassionate | Creative | Dreamer | Social

 Explore and expand. Everyday is a day to grow, progress and find opportunities to prosper. Don’t let all that beautiful stuff in your head go to take. Turn those dreams into action. Get up and get out today, Pisces! You have the mind to make it happen, now have the action!

You can come off as…

Indecisive | Follower | Worrier | Approval-Seeking

Whatever you do, do it to put a smile on your face. Although it may satisfy you to make others happy, you’ve got to be happy to. After everyone else is pleased, who pleases you? Don’t worry about how others feel or interpret your life; your life is yours to live. Continue to keep people in consideration, but put you first. You have that right. Let go a little — we’ve got a limited buyer of days on this earth, make yours worth it!

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