Insecure S3:E7 – Obsessed-Like #Recap


Written by PresidentELLA

We’re in Issa’s head this entire episode. Taye Diggs follows her but she’s more concerned with Nathan. She thinks/hopes every text is from him. She even tries to get her selfie came together and posts something on instagram. She’s obsessed-like and then starts thinking bout reasons why he must not like her. Next step is figuring out why she shouldn’t like him she goes to his social media to stalk correctly. She even tries to lure him through a fake page her and her friends have, but she accidentally sends it from her own account (instagram allows you to delete, luckily lol).

Molly finally goes out with Andrew but she’s still playing hard to get. Most of her focus is still at work. Andrew is nice and all… but she doesn’t like him enough. She meets him for another drink after work but things go really sour when Molly calls him grimy, but she forgets he knows about Drew. Molly is really sensitive about the topic but Andrew continues to be sarcastic. The conversation was a poor choice and Molly is unresponsive after that & ends up leaving him right there at the table. Molly’s the kind of girl who knows what she wants and goes for it, so I think her actions speak loud even when she’s not paying attention. She’s the type of take the opportunity to present her work to the board without her overbearing co-worker. If she wanted Andrew, she would have him… or is this a case of this girl who can’t see the good guy right in front of her?

Meanwhile, Lawrence decides to go to church and find a girlfriend. No, he doesn’t go there for that… but a girl approaches him after service because he didn’t get saved. (I guess she wants to save him *rolls eyes*. It really hurst my heart to watch him move on lol). I hate very single scene with this fool laughing and getting ice cream. They talk about how long she’s been attending the church and (if I put all my hate aside), I hope she does help him get on whatever path he’s looking for.

Randomly, NATHAN POSTS A PICTURE ON INSTAGRAM!!!! He hasn’t called or texted Issa in forever but he can post on the internet!?!? As Issa says in the Wine Down, “Cavemen been ghosting on Cave-bitches,” it happens… but you never understand when it happens to you. First sign of crazy is when Issa comes up with a plan to get to Nathan’s house. She forces Molly to bring Andrew a gift (Andrew and Nathan are roommates) so that she can go into their house and… investigate. Nathan isn’t home, so Issa asks to go to the bathroom so that she can search through him room. Issa does a bunch or weird shit like smell him cologne, goes through his drawers and search his trash. She then starts trying to guess his computer password. Luckily, Molly finds her before anyone else does.

Back in the car, Issa admits that she thinks that no one is going to like her again. It is comforting to have someone in your life to make you feel special. Feeling like you’ve lost a chance at that feeling is tough. Like Issa, I admit I’ve sat around and thought about the things that must be wrong with me, what I must have done wrong… and it takes a lot to move one. The feeling is really heavy until you find something to lift it. She unfriends him on social media and tries to clear phone and her mind. My favorite part of this episode is that what helps move her forward is by investing herself in her business. Issa attends a workshop that Lawrence recommended and invites him from a drink afterwards. Their conversations are enlightening because we (the viewer) has seen both their private lives. We can see how they know each other so intimately. It’s so hard to balance love & friendship. We watch them tiptoe over conversation but still treat each other with so much love… It’s great to see them smile together even if they’re not together together..

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