Insecure S3:E6 – Ready-Like #RECAP


Written by PresidentELLA

I fucking hate Lawrence. I don’t really cuz I guess he’s single or whatever but I haaaate himmmm. This episode opens up with Issa and Lawrence in the 7-Eleven. When she asks him “What have you been up to,” we get a flash back of his last few months of sleeping around and just… trying it. “Medicinal fucking” they called tin the wind down. I guess he needed to go out there and test the waters but I hate him all the same. I’m not a friends with my ex’s kinda girl… but I guess Issa is. (smh)

In the next scene, Issa follows up on her idea to start her own block party and tries to get the paperwork. Due to the paperwork (and the receptionist’s attitude) she leaves feeling a little overwhelmed. I (and Issa, I assume) was a little relieved to see Nathan outside waiting for her. Seems they’ve been hanging out and and getting close, “you got this, Is,”he encourages her. (Yaaassss, forget you, Lawrence!!) Layng in bed, he gives her the “how do you know when it’s real” and “I really like” you stuff that makes you start to wonder what is wrong with someone. “People are trash,” they agree and laugh. True, I agree, too. I just hope Nathan doesn’t turn out to be no fuck boy *shrugs*

In the next scene: More validation. Apparently, Lawrence has chlamydia and is calling all the girls he’s slept with to let them know — or so he thinks. He ends up calling a girl he never even had sex with. “The worst,” she says and hangs up. (Yes, sis.) Later on, talking with is boys he defends Issa by saying “she’s not a hoe, she just did some hoe shit”. Which is an interesting conversation starter. We saw Lawrence being a hoe… but men are never hoes…

Meanwhile, Molly picks up her coat from Nathan’s friend, who is definitely trying to date her. We’re still trying to figure out how Molly feels about with him and that’s what happened when they get together at Molly’s place. “I’ve dated outside my race before but I want to end up with a black man,” she explains. I kinda agree. I would’t mind dating outside of my race either but I kinda understand Molly trying to be Othodox black and date guys she knows, upfront, she’s attracted to. Still, I also think she should take a chance. Issa starts talking all lovely-dovey about Nathan… and that strikes fear in my heart. pleased not fuck up, Nathhannnnn.

Later on the ladies attend Tiffany’s baby shower. First, they notice that Tiffany has a whole other set of friends who helped her set up the baby shower, “The Crazy Crew”. Kelli does not have a fun time with this, since she’s Tiffany’s best friend and they won’t even let Kelli put her cute cupcakes on the table. Kelli confronts Tiffany and they all speak about their “expectations” of each other. “Because [she] don’t have a baby” Kelli feels like she can no longer connect with her friend. Kelli has an awful time for the rest of the night and ends up leaving early.

The other special attendee is Lawrence… Trying to distract herself, she calls Nathan but he’s not picking up. Molly even calls from her phone (because she’s trying to avoid Dro) but no answer either. Earlier, Lyft calls Issa and leaves a voicemail about a report about the fight in her car, so she texted Nathan but his still hasn’t responded.

Molly and Issa split and go talk to their ex boos. Issa’s conversation is cool, she’s actual able to connect with Lawrence and have a friendly conversation, even to ask with his help in her new business venture. I suppose it is super rewarding to be able t be friends with an ex; I wouldn’t know because I hold grudges lol. Issa is able to be positive because she’s “finally over him” and able to “move on”

Molly, on the other hand, gets an attitude from Dro on sight and get a “reminder that this shit was a waste of time.” I’m happy she walked away from him because he’s nothing but trouble. When Candice walks in, Molly is automatically hurt, and she decides to text her maybe-new boo. Later on, we find out that Dro’s wife, Candice is pregnant.

At the end of the episode, Lyft calls Issa back and says that Nathan called and helps close their investigation against her…. but still no call or text from Nathan… The episode ends with Issa just looking around like… What the fuck is up with him? Why hasn’t he called?

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