Insecure S3:E5 – High Like #Recap


Written by PresidentELLA

We’ve been waiting for this episode! We open up with Issa driving around in her Uber trying to get her coins together and helping Molly do the same. She seems to be the Queen of Lit for this girl’s trip.

Meanwhile, Molly is trying real hard to stay on the tope of the corporate ladder. In hopes to impress the team, she takes on a project, event though she has Coachella plans. Like true homegirls, they don’t let her breathe & force her to get join anyway. It’s just not the same without certain homegirls, you know?

The weirdest part of this episode is the drug use, THB. Kelli (is funny af as usual and) takes an edible before Molly even arrives and starts laughing to herself. Everyone falls asleep and they miss the first day, so Issa wakes everyone up appropriately; banging pans together 🙂 She is determined to be lit before Tiffany has her baby and gets “responsi-boring”. Then, she sends everyone to change with a shot of rosé… Beyoncé or bust! Int he recap, the ladies say that “Beyoncé or Bust” means that is you’re not in your “Beyoncé” mode, you’re just busting. Issa ain’t about to bust, y’all.

With a sudden change of plans, the girls end up at pool party where Nathan is (dude who got into a fight in her Lyft). His friends meet her friends and that’s where the party begins. It’ is super awkward trying to keep in contact with a guy after you first hang out. Who hits how first? I’m happy for Issa as she gets to hang out with her new boo. But then I feel awkward again when they all cheers with pills (apparently Molly) start to party. Weird because this episode aired around the same time as the death of Mac Miller; a lot of people have been passing from drug use and I wonder what our society is doing about this — to combat or to promote?

I love the scenes of Coachella, though. Being that this was the same exact year I went (April 2018) it was awesome to reminisce with the views. And there really was shitty cell service. It’s also pretty dope to know that there is this world where brown people like me are enjoying these events. Is is really separate but equal? Nah. Doper for sure.

As the drugs kick in, the girls start to really kick it. Molly starts giving up her life story and Kelli starts giving it up. Issa raps out loud to Nathan and comes up with an idea to start her own music festival. Distracted, they runaway to the Ferris wheel and join the mile high club when it gets stuck in the air. It’s a… good… scene, ya’ll.

It all an incredible vibe… until Kelli gets into a fight with a group of white girls for taking their spot (LMFAO). After getting escorted out, they hear Beyoncé come on and Kelli tries to run back in… and gets tased. HILARIOUS. Apparently it’s bust and not Beyoncé. The girls are already home when Issa arrives (paranoid that her friends are mad at her) and everyone is going through their own individual (hilarious) drug reaction. “The drugs and the heat are fuckin us up. We’re all mad at me and we all just need to go to bed. Ok?” Issa proclaims. [And scene.]

The next day, the ladies wake up in pain and burst into laughter at each other. Kelli says she dreamt getting tased & the girls look at each other like.. biittchhh. During a grocery run, Tiffany and Issa have a heart-to-heart because something is all in Tiffany’s face. She feels like she’s not fitting in with her friend anymore as she goes through this life change. While Issa tries to console Tiffany by saying the’ll always be friends, Tiffany responds with “Yea, I hope so.” At the end of the discussion… we don’t know how things are going to be, moving forward. This is the first real interaction I can recall between Issa and Tiffany and its interesting she picked Issa to say this to, wen Kelli is the one she’s closest to. Maybe she couldn’t say that to Kelli, but she could say it to Issa.

Inside the store is one final surprise; Lawrence is back!!!!!!!!!!!!! [And scene.] The episode ends there. Issa knows how to keep you hanging smh.

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