Brunch @CubaNYC Restaurant & Rum Bar


Written by PresidentELLA

Cuba NYC is my absolute favorite place for brunch. After going there one time, I decided that was where my birthday would be.

The unlimited drinks are super fairly priced ($18 for 1.5 hours) and super tasty. My fav is the Té Cubano, which is basically a spiked iced tea. The sangria & mimosas are also spot on. Best part is the service; they make sure you get your unlimited dollars worth.

Most importantly, I really appreciate a place that gives a full plate when I’ve got a full glass of liquor. I always have the Ropa Vieja ($17); it’s the most ender steak sitting on a bed of mashed platiains, surrounded by plantain chips. The dish comes with rice, beans and love, I’m sure. My homegirl had the Bistec de Palomillla ($18); sautéed steak and onions also serves with rice & beans.

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