Papaya Cold Shoulder Dress by @cushnie

Written by PresidentELLA

I absolutely fell in love with this piece. I ordered it twice in the same size just to make sure it arrived. I was an absolutely amazing way to end the summer.

The vibrant orange truly gave me life. The silk felt heavenly; there wasn’t an incredible amount of stretch so it help my wrinkles at the end of the day, but it suuuuure did hold my curves all day. Silk just feels amazing — it’s soft and cool, but pleasantly warm and structured at the same time. I’d wear this dress forever if you all wouldn’t call me crazy 😉

If you love it, too..the original price of $1,595 has been dropping on the Cushnie website . You can also go over to Rent the Runway (click here to use my code & get $30 OFF) and rent it for the time of your choice. 

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