Intense Hair Repair by @MONATofficial


Written by PresidentELLA

I’ve been using MONAT hair products for about a year now and I’ve never been happier with a product. The systems are based on what exactly you want your hair to do; I wanted strength and length. The Intensive Repair shampoo and conditioner are effective and, with that said, beyond compare.

Due to the high concentration, you actually only need to use a small amount of the shampoo.  When I say “actually” I’m subliminally referring to brown girl problems with hair products: We usually need more. More shampoo to wash our thick hair, and more conditioner to moisturize it. The rule still applies, you may need more than nickel-size amount prescribed, but a quarter will genuinely do. Not only does it last forever, but the shampoo actually works. On the first wash, you may barely feel any bubbles because the shampoo is holding onto all the dirt. The second wash bubbles up like crazy!! The conditioner works very much the same way and actually holds onto and conditions my hair. I don’t wash out any conditioner, especially if it’s kind of expensive, so I leave this conditioner in and continue with my typical styling.  

Did my hair grow? You F’n bet!!! My hair grew almost immediately!! So much that I stopped taking before and after pictures because you can simply see it in my photos. I had to make sure to really moisturize my hair with lots of leave in and the MONAT Rejuvenique Oil. My ends were still a bit frail, so I took care as it grew out. Even my curly hair is thicker and stronger now 🙂 My fro is so much fuller and bouncier! MONAT makes sure to leave out all of those harmful ingredients I can’t pronounce and I am forever grateful. Not only is my hair safe, but it also smells really, really good. 

Leave a comment below if you’re interested in some samples! Otherwise, head over to MONAT and use my member/promo code (964691) to purchase of become a partner today! 

8.17.2017 - straight BEFORE


straight BEFORE

7.8.2017 - Curly BEFORE
 BlkAGRaFiXxX PhotoGraphy 2017 BlkAGRaFiXxX PhotoGraphy 2017



8.17.2018 - straight AFTER


straight AFTER

7.26.2018 - curly AFTER


curly AFTER

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