“Own Drum” by @LukeObrienMusic

Written by President ELLA

Luke’s got another one for us! I didn’t know what was going to come after “Old Love” but I am very satisfied with the next single, “Own Drum”. “Dancing to be beat of my own drum. Even if I’m dancing by my lonesome,” he bellows beautifully, guaranteeing to pull passion from you, as well.  This uplifting track is definitely the way I want to go into the next season of my life.  


“They throwing you shade? Ok. Invite that. They hope and pray that you gon’ strike back. Despite that, we fight that, we ain’t like that… cuz you were made just right.”

The vibe and encouragement in this song is what I want to see around the world. I want this played in every elevator & added to every store’s random playlist immediately.

The video is absolutely perfect; we’re shown a bunch of dancers, professional and not (officially professionals) dancing to their own beat in a variety of locations. Luke gives us some moves of his own and the entire video is pure smiles and positive energy. 

“Van Gough’s slow when compared to God. So, be you, be true, be weird and odd”. 

I really needed this right, Luke. Thanks 🙂  Oh & nice hair! No shade, lol


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