Visiting the “Urban Lights” @LACMA

Written by President ELLA

I have to admit, this was a drive-by visit. If you have the time, cash, or membership to the LACMA, it’s an amazing site. But the outside of it was great for a quick photo op for my Elliatt jumpsuit. The LACMA is definitely one of those places you need to go, just to have gone. For a little girl from the east coast, the very experience of it is truly enough.

I don’t know when I first saw the Urban Lights, but it was definitely on TV and I’ve always wanted a picture there. It finally happened after our Coachella weekend; we spent the rest of the time sight seeing and this was a perfect, quick stop. After we parked, our walk around the building and talking pictures was about 40 minutes. 

After having visited, it’s beautiful to think that my attraction this these structures was more spiritual than anything else. The Boston artist, “[Chris] Burden’s, first mature works were characterized by the idea that the truly important, viable art of the future would not be objects, but that art would be ephemeral and address political, social, environmental, and technological change.” (LACMA) Outside of the museum are various structures you can enjoy as well. My favorite was the reflection pool. The water spurting up hits metal structures that slowly swing around from the pressure; it’s all quiet entrancing. 

Reflection Pool @ LACMAReflection Pool @ LACMA

Reflection Pool @ LACMA

"Levitated Mass" by  Michael Heizer @ LACMA"Levitated Mass" by  Michael Heizer @ LACMA

“Levitated Mass” by Michael Heizer @ LACMA

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