Insecure S3:E4 (RECAP)

Written by President ELLA

I’m more proud of Issa every episode. Maybe she sense my disappointment. (lol). At the end of last season, she turns down Daniel’s attempt to reinitiate their relationship [in bed]. In this episode, we start at another shut down; Danial shows up with a box of her things and she could  invite him in, but she doesn’t. It’s probably because Molly is also on the way, but that just shows that Issa is consciously choosing “other”. In sum, this is the episode of Issa choosing a better life, even if it doesn’t seem that way. 

One of the major ideas to start the season involves “being black in the workplace”. Molly has started her new job and is struggling to accepted by her “own people”. She’s starting to see the differences of working in both places; do you choose to work for The Man and have all the bells and whistles? Or do you go where you’re comfortable and deal with lack of funding that typically burdens small and/or minority own businesses? On the same note, we’ve seen Issa struggle with her office environment, but this time, we get views of the room from her perspective, where she’s the only brown face and there’s absolutely no excitement or passion around her. As someone who attended a predominately-white school on scholarship and had to perform community service in my own neighborhood, I really feel for both Molly and Issa. I feel like Molly can’t have it all, but Issa is on her way to get what she needs. Molly ends up forming a relationship with some of of the ladies at work, but we be having feelings and it gets shady as fast. Issa walks out of her job, We Got Yall, with her head held high and I’m excited to see where she goes next in her career — my guess is the organization she ran into at the career fair in episode 3. 

On the love life front, we FINALLY back in touch with the dude who got into a fight in her Lyft episode 1. Now. We all know we should not like him because he’s violent, but we do.  I mean… he really didn’t do anything wrong, but stand up for Issa (and we all had to shower twice). After skinny dippy, eating tacos and “kissing on the mouth”, I’m also looking forward to where we’ll go with Nathan, the new guy. I love that he makes Issa smile and literally laugh; they seemed to have an amazing time together. This is more of the image I want to portrayed — positive black love. I know this isn’t serious, yet but I have hope! Even if it’s not serious, it’s important to have fun and be happy and smile. As Issa said, she can’t be a “new bitch” doing old shit. And like Molly said, “can a bitch have goals?” We have to be realistic here.  I don’t hope Nathan is the one for Issa… I just hope Nathan doesn’t have a wife and kids somewhere. 

Anyway… I don’t usually do this but looking forward to episode 5!!!!


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