Insecure (Season 3: Episodes 1 & 2)

Written by President ELLA

Issa gets ON MY NERVES. Had a debate with my girlfriends because of this, but I get no less frustrated with her than any of my girlfriends who I don’t think are making the wisest decision (even if it’s myself). Picking up from season 1 where Issa basically cheated on her boyfriend and messed up her whole life, we start season 2 with her living with Daniel. While I’m glad to have Issa back, I hate to see her like this. 

When life gets shitty, there’s no telling what you might have to do. I understand why Issa couldn’t go live with Molly;  cohabitating with a best friend can ruin a friendship. The funniest part of episode one is that we find out that the last time Issa stayed with Molly, she broke Molly’s vase but Issa won’t admit it. Either she won’t admit it because she’s embarrassed (and I’m just not letting someone who breaks shit stay in my house) and/or because she can’t replace the broken item. I hate to bring it up, but she’s also staying at Daniel’s for free. Some people are great with having friends stay in their house, but I don’t even like to spend the night at my girlfriends’ places. I live in NYC and you can Uber everwhere. I’m just not built to have someone live on my couch. 

So here is Issa, on some man’s couch.. while that man is SLEEPING WITH OTHER WOMEN IN THE OTHER ROOM. Now, some people are real open with relationships, but the moment I see my guy with another girl, I’ve lost all interest. In episode 2, we find out that Issa can’t afford to move out on her own (that’s some bullshit TV drama tho. I get up and get out. I’d rather live in a box of my own than be in some man’s space.) Still, I admire how kind Issa is as she continues to be Daniel friend, even accompanying him to the club to network. At the end of the episode, the relationship with her and Daniel is in a good place, I guess. I just don’t think he’s the one *shrugs* and I’m still mad about the other girl(s). But she also gets a call back for a job. I’m happy that her actual personal life is turning around. Sometimes we get so focused on our love life, that we lose track of what’s feeding us; especially when it’s not that man. I’m glad Issa is back focused on herself and excited to see what’s in store next for her. And Daniel, I guess. *eyeroll*

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