Animal Lover, Mike Holston AKA @TheRealTarzann


Written by President ELLA

This guy makes me proud. The amazing world of Instagram introduced me to TheRealTarzann, known to the government as Mike Holston, and I’ve been stuck since. His page is full of awe inspiring creatures and KNOWLEDGE. With each video, you actually learn — and that is something I think we should all stand and applaud him for. 

I have to be honest, I’m mostly proud he’s a brotha. *Shrugs* Call it what you want, but I love to see men of color following their dreams, making the world a better place and spreading good vibes. It’s inspiring to see a role model like Mike. Not saying all brothas don’t embody this, but we just don’t see enough of it in media, in my opinion. His educational videos were enough, but the co-signs from Will Smith and Diddy solidified the deal. I love that he takes the time to work with kids. The videos of him cleaning up and talking about and showing the effects of littering make me feel guilty, tho (as they should). He instills a beautiful sense of responsibility, community and his upbeat vibe is contagious. 

Check out some of Mike’s video’s below and make sure to follow and subscribe to his Youtube.


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