Written by President ELLA

Honestly, I think it’s her best project yet. I know, I know… we don’t like the shots at Cardi or Lil Kim or any kind of (blackgirl on blackgirl hate), but the rap game been what it is. It’s about being the best, the dopest, the illest, the trillest — the absolute most of whatever you need to be at the time. We can’t possible expect Nicki to suddenly make amends with her rival and arch nemesis. What we can expect, is for her to come hard. 

The project feels a bit introspective as we open with Ganja Burns. Having lost a major relationship with Meek and coming upon her first major competior, Cardi, there are plenty places in the album where Nicki shows that she will “wage war or come in peace like Ghandhi”. Run & Hide has a real smooth vibe as she reflects on a love lost — it might be my favorite song on here; “I pray to God for peace & love, I’m looking at you like a blessing.” What I enjoy most about this project is the content; Nicki finally has something of seeming substance to talk about. Having come up in the game with practically no competition, her records were nothing but boasting and bragging complimented with a side of dating. We’ve watched Nicki mature in the game and I have to say I’m not impressed, but I’m proud *shrugs*

She did a good job sprinkling the album with register ringing hits; there are plenty sing-along, radio friendly joints joints here. She has some mean features; Majesty features Eminem & Labrinth while “Thought I Knew You” features the Weekend. I’ve never considered her an amazing lyricist, but she can write a hell of a song. I admit I’ve sung her shit even if I don’t like it (truth is truth). if Nicki wants to brag about writing her own music, I think she has a right to. Even though the highest grossing person in her camp (Drake) uses ghost writers, I personally believe that one of the differences between rap and hip hop is the soul; hip hop is real and it ain’t real if you didn’t write it. (Sidenote: “Real rap” is just a phrase people use when they know you won’t believe them.)

Nicki is still the same chick she was, so I enjoy the trappy/strip joint song. Although she didn’t start on the pole… she definitley makes music for it. “Sir”, featuring Future, the king of trap music, is a definite pick for a good twerk (lol). “Coco Chanel” (giving light to Foxy Brown and shade to Lil Kim) provides the drop of island vibe you need in every good project; Nicki goes backand forth from carribean/jamaican-ish to hispanic which is funny for me because when people don’t really speak a language, the grammar is fucked up. Get you a Dominican homegirl & ask her — that’s where Nicki cannot fuck with Kim, because Lil Kim’s album-spanish is on point (lol).

A place for heavy Nicki debate is in “Barbie Dreams” which is her re-recording of Bigge’s “Just Playing (Dreams)”. She starts of the track giving BIG props, and picks up his hooking, making a joke of involving herself a other rappers. She names drops a few, but I would say it’s all a big joke (no pun intended) and she just took the original song and nothing she says is truly a fact. Meek might have been in her DM at some point… and I’m sure Young Thug likes some of Nicki’s clothes… but I think that anyone who takes this track serious needs to seriously chill.


& these are just my thoughts… just what I was feeling at the time.



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