Bouldering with Bae

Written by President ELLA

Bouldering was a great we-eat-out-too-much-and-we’re-gaining-weight date. We’ve been trying to find ways to be active, without locking ourselves in a sweat building. I always admire that couple in the gym but… it just ain’t us. Instead, we’ve turned our focus to fun activities we can do together.  Bouldering, which is basically rock climbing without the ropes, was so much more than I bargained for when it came to a workout… and enjoyment 🙂 

There’s a great deal on Groupon if you catch it on time (click here to use my code & get $10 off) at a brand new, super cute location in Harlem, Steep Rock. For $19 each we got a day pass and a quick instruction. Learning isn’t hard, you’ve basically just got to try & try not to fall. The climing paths along the wall are color and level coded so that you’re entertained trying to solve the “problem” as they call each path up the wall. It also gives to whatever kind of vibe you’re trying to give. If you’re competitive, you can certainly challenge yourself and/or your partner here. I was more on the supportive side because I sucked and if you can’t beat em *shrugs* 

Bouldering gives you a full body work out and the pass is for the full day, so there’s no limit to the exercise you can get here. We were in there for about an hour and a half. Still, I’m looking forward to going back because I want to see if I can get better and stronger. It’s quite gratifying having these paths to work up to and complete; once you complete a path you couldn’t figure out before you feel incredibly accomplished. 

Definitely worth a daytime date 🙂 

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