Biking on Venice Beach


Written by President ELLA

There’s nothing to do on Venice Beach expect exactly what is required: chill. The white sand spreads for miles, beckoning a long walk holding hands. It’s a bit breezy so it’ll be hard to keep the ganja lit, but not tough to keep the vibes going.

We rented the CORNIEST bike on the planet, a two seater, so that we could cruise up and down the boardwalk. It was definitely worth the experience of sharing the pedal bike (because I got to put my feet up and he pedaled for most of the time lol), but the real move is electric scooters. I’m def going for one of those, the next time I go back. Venice Beach reminds me of most boardwalks, so there’s plenty walking to be done and souvenirs to be bought. Certainly the place to spend the day & relax. 


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