Off Road Rentals Palm Springs


Written by @PresidentELLA

      I’m the kinda girl who goes from the jacuzzi to riding 4-wheelers.  Stayed in Cali for an extended vacay after Coachella and this was a great way to fill time. While in the jacuzzi, we met a couple that had just gone riding ATVs with their entire family. For just $40 an hour, Off Road Rentals provides a gassed up ride, goggles and a helmet. I recommend you wear pants, closed-toe shoes and a sweater for where it gets cold in the shade. The desert winds are not shy in Palm Springs, so a handkerchief and sunglasses will also come in handy.

        The chick in charge for the day was super cool. She explained how to ride the ATVs quickly and clearly. Since it was windy and there weren’t a lot of people, she let us ride until sundown. It was totally worth the time, dollar and the crashing to be able to see Palm Springs from that perspective. You get an amazing view of the windmills while testing your thrill level or get some great footage to flex for snap chat. The hills vary enough so that you can take it easy or go hard. The hills are no joke tho; the slopes are covered in sand you you practically slide the whole way down. There’s a practice pit for you to get used to using the ATV — I let mine stall about 2 minutes in — but they’re happy to help. 

If you’re in Palm Springs, check out Off Road Rentals . If not, check out some 4-wheelers near you; it was a great way to kill time on vacation in the desert & would be a great date anywhere 😉 


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