The Silence Breakers and the #MeToo Movement


Written by PresidentELLA

Recent news is littered with stories of new allegations of sexual harassment followed by dismissals (like those of Kevin Spacey and Matt Lauer) or resignations (like those of Al Franken  and John Conyers) and I’m glad to see action being taken. You don’t think that the halls of our government and corporate offices are places where sexual harassment goes down, but I think some people don’t understand what sexual harassment is. Others simple think that they have some unspoken license and our society covers it up; unfortunately, Al Franken even cited the fact that another man accused of sexual harassment was elected President of the United States of America. 

Just like racism, sexism is a tough sickness to rid a society of. I find it liberating that these people finally feel that they can come forward and hold these people accountable to the degradation that sexual harassment causes. When I walk down the street, a guy might think that saying “hey beautiful” to me, for no reason, is ok… but I don’t want to be spoken to; especially if only for you to compliment my physical appearance. I think it’s about time we get back to teaching each other how to respect one another — even in private.

Just days after Donald Trump insisted he turned down the offer to be Time Magazine 2017 Person of the Year, we found out that the Silence Breakers (leaders of the #MeToo sexual harassment and assault movement) were given the honor. Feel free to read the entire Times Magazine article here are your leisure, but you can scroll down and preview the stories from the women who decided to come forward. Honestly, as I gathered the photos, I just couldn’t wait for the images to finish. As a #MeToo member myself, as much as you find support in knowing that you are not alone, it’s hurtful to know that so many people are going through the same thing. 

I hope this movement actually changes something…  


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