#InTheMood for a Burger from @gordonramsayrestaurants


Written by PresidentELLA

There’s nothing better than a quality late night burger. Gordon Ramsey Burger saved the evening while I was in Vegas. We had lost track of time (in a nap) and decided to head out to dinner on the strip. While there are plenty fast options, I still want something tasty and well made.

As for the menu, we each had the Farmhouse Burger (Bacon, Cheese & Fried Egg) for $15 and shared a side of fries for $8. I order mine medium-well and it was perfectly moist.  I also need my burger to have a fried egg on it 😉  Because it was Vegas, we complimented out meal with a cocktail; I’ve forgotten the exact price & name of the drink, but they were about $14 each and very tasty 🙂 

See you on the run eatin’


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