In The Mood for @ChickNCone #SoCluckinGood


Written by PresidentELLA

No one told me I’d fall in love with ChicknCone like this. These “fork-free chicken and waffles” are something truly sent for the Gods. The Cinna-Maple flavor was sweet and tasty but Yella BBQ was definitely the winner in my book. We had these before dinner cuz I’m usually more hungry than not lol. The servings are good size enough for a quick bite that will fill you; especially if you’re walking around the city. Not to mention their a great price: for $12 you’ll get a chicken cone, fries or dessert and a drink.

This is one of the spots I keep in mind to surprise (or bribe) my boyfriend with when I force him to roam around the city with me. It’s also a place I keep in mind when I want him to take me out, but don’t want to spend all our coins 😉 Stop into one of ChicknCone‘s 3 locations; we went to the one at Gansevoort Market @ 14th street & it’s perfect for a date because they have seating (and outlets). 





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