December 22 – January 19

Ambitious | Structured | Invested 

If you say it’ll be done, it’ll be done.  Not only  do you have a goal but you also have a plan. Fueling it all is a passion no one understands but you.  Keep on keeping on. Don’t let any thing or any one distract you from your goals. Anyone who loves you will be sitting in the stands while your shooting in the gym — if not, they’ll be catching your rebounds and passing the ball back to you 😉 

You can come off as…

Controlling | Selfish | Withholding

You might have it all figured out, but not all of us do. Even as you take lead, remember that the people around you are humans…and they love you. We all have a right to know what role we’re playing in your story. Don’t assume everyone knows the plans you’ve laid out in your head. While we trust you, it’s difficult to have blind faith in anyone. Open up to those around you, it’ll give them a bit more comfort to not just think you have it under control, but know. 

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