The Link between Mass Shooters and Domestic Abusers

Written by PresidentELLA

The Texas church massacre was nothing short of a tragedy. As we delve into the shooter’s history of domestic violence, the story becomes more and more senseless. A person with a history of violence is somehow still able to get his hands on multiple weapons. I don’t think we [in our world] take domestic violence serious enough. Anyone who causes physical or emotional harm to another needs to be reprimanded and trained on how to appropriately interact with the world. If not, they should be monitored as closely as any other serious criminal. Registered like a sex offender. People look for relationships every day. It’s scary to think you might end up in a relationship with an abuser, because there’s no where we can find record of it. I would like to know if my next date or next door neighbor is an abuser, because when I hear a plate drop or a voice raise, I need to what was truly an accident.

The news outlets are putting together the strings between domestic violence and what I’m going to call “out of the house” violence. It simply seems ridiculous to me that we’re just thinking that people who beat their partners might also be violent to strangers. I guess the world is slowly waking up.  My prayers go out to the people in Sutherland, Texas as well as for the torture souls living in domestic violence each day. 

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