Marchesa Notte’s Delicate Gold Sheath Dress

Written by PresidentELLA


I absolutely loved this dress. Marchesa’s gold sheath dress was an amazing intro to the fall. The embroidery balanced the sheer sleeves perfectly. The beaded color added a dainty touch.

Paired with tall Steve Madden boots I got from (how’s that for a high-low combo?), I faced November winds fiercely.  I love bringing a beautiful dress into my day-to-day. While I could wear this with stilettos and get my JLO on, it’s a shame to see something like this sit in the back of your closet. For that reason, I wore Marchesa on a Tuesday 😉 With the right shoes, nylon and/or blazer, any piece can be transformed. I encourage you to pull that amazing piece out of your closet and wear it on a Wednesday. Bring that beauty into your day 😉 

The dress I rented is longer than JLO’s. She’s 5’5 though, so I have 3 inches of her’s unaccounted for. (But we know celebs lie about their stats, right?) 

 Use my RENTTHERUNWAY CODE for a few $$$ off your rental purchase!   or (Since I work for Saks) browse to see what we have for purchase. 

Dress well! 


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